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Ambiente Show

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Exhibition: Ambiente Show

Time: 2020.02.07-2020.02.11

Place: Frankfurt

Products:Disposable bamboo wood cutlery, stirrers, skewers, plates, food picks, cones, boats and so on. The spring AMBIENTE of the Frankfurt Consumer Goods Fair in Germany is one of the world’s largest high-quality consumer goods trade fairs with the best trade effects. It is held in the world’s third largest exhibition center, Frankfurt International Exhibition Center, Germany every spring and autumn. The center of product information exchange for exhibitors is also an ideal place for exhibitors to meet new customers.

According to the official statistics of the exhibition, the total exhibition area of the last exhibition was 312,000 square meters, with 4,387 merchants from 96 countries and regions participating in the exhibition, displaying a variety of novel and unique kitchen supplies, home accessories, decorations and gifts. Wait. The exhibition received a total of 144,000 professional visitors, of which about 53% of merchants came from abroad. A survey of exhibitors and visitors showed that 95% of the visitors were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with the results of the exhibition. Correspondingly, more than two-thirds of the exhibitors indicated that they had achieved the expected exhibition goals and achieved satisfactory results. In addition to local visitors from Germany, the exhibition is the main source countries of overseas visitors from Italy, France, the Netherlands, the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, China, and Turkey. Participating in the exhibition can not only meet the most professional buyers in the world, but also get in touch with the latest product trends and market trends.




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