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HRC Show

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Exhibition: HRC Show

Time: 2020.03.03-2020.03.05

Place: London

Products: Disposable bamboo wood cutlery, stirrers, skewers, plates, food picks, cones, boats and so on.

Exhibition Introduction: Hospitality is one of the two largest hotel exhibitions in the UK. Hotelympia is held in London in even-numbered years and Hospitality is held in Birmingham in odd-numbered years. Both are hosted by the Fresh RM subsidiary of the Montgomery Exhibition Group. The United Kingdom Montgomery Exhibition Company hosts a series of hotel and catering exhibitions, and has rich experience in organizing hotel exhibitions. Hospitality has 500 exhibiting companies in each session of the Birmingham Hotel and Catering Exhibition in the United Kingdom, and the number of professional visitors is 15,000. It is the most important opportunity for negotiation and The local hotel industry in the UK is highly developed, and it is also the birthplace and headquarters of many internationally renowned hotels.




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