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How is knotted skewer made?

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Knotted bamboo skewers are usually used in catering and restaurant supplies, and they are also used in many family parties. So how are knotted bamboo skewers made?


What is a knotted skewer used for?

What is the manufacturing method of knotted skewer?


What is a knotted skewer used for?

The eco-friendly bamboo picks will help you make your mouth-watering dishes more appetizing and beautiful. Use bamboo sticks to pick at your family gatherings, cocktail parties or any other gatherings to make your dishes stand out. Flat bamboo skewers and long bamboo skewers can be used for catering and household use. The sharp tip of the knotted bamboo skewers is designed for skewers of fruits, vegetables, meat, shrimp, scallops, chicken, etc. They are perfect for small bites, kebabs, appetizers and even cocktails. You should also try using bamboo sticks to place sandwiches and mini burgers in the right place, so that they look great without losing any feeling of finishing. Most people know how to use bamboo sticks. On the one hand, it makes sense to simply string the food together. There is a decorative twist on the other side, which looks very chic, especially when you use it for serving plates and cocktail drinks. These flat bamboo sticks and long bamboo sticks can be used in different ways and many purposes. They are durable and can be used safely for a long period of time before being processed. You can throw them into the compost bin or directly into the trash, knowing that they will eventually degrade naturally.


When you learn how to use bamboo skewers, you may want to try making kebabs, fruit skewers, fruit salad skewers, fruit dipped in chocolate sauce or even salad skewers. Make bamboo skewers on your snack plate and color them with meat, cheese, pickled onions or peppers. If you like cheese platter, use bamboo skewers to string together various cheeses to make it easier to eat. Baking cheese fondue with bamboo sticks is also good, you can do it creatively. If you like baking, you can also buy long bamboo skewers in large packages because they can check what you bake in the oven. The longer length allows you to pierce the food to check whether it is done well without burning yourself.


What is the manufacturing method of knotted skewer?

1.Raw material acceptance

2.Raw material storage

3.Cutting machine cutting

4.Wire drawing machining


6.Enter the drying room for drying treatment

7.Moisture test

8.Acceptance pass

9.Packaging workshop for outer packaging


Knotted bamboo skewers are very versatile. Once you start using bamboo skewers, you may find more uses. If you are looking for high-quality knotted skewer that are reasonably priced, safe and hygienic, Shucheng Ancheng Bamboo&Wood Factory will provide you with the best products.




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