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How is wooden cutlery made?

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There are many kinds of wooden cutlery, beautiful in appearance, in addition to practicality and ornamental, so many people with literary pursuits like wooden cutlery very much. Wooden cutlery materials are natural and environmentally friendly, and good wood materials are processed into cutlery without chemical pollution. Wooden cutlery is very light in weight, strong and durable, and has thermal insulation, which is also very suitable for children.

The skill of making wood was once an ancient folk skill. The making of wood seems to be simple, but it is actually very particular.


· What are the materials used to make wooden cutlery?

· Production and processing of wooden cutlery

· Surface treatment of wooden cutlery


What are the materials used to make wooden cutlery?

Wood is the raw material for wooden cutlery . The choice of wood determines the quality of cutlery. The texture of wood varies from thick to thin, soft to hard. Wood should be selected according to the different uses of cutlery.


Birch is usually used as the raw material for making wooden cutlery.

1.Birch is easy to process, resistant to use and durable

2. Birch annual rings are slightly obvious, the texture is straight and obvious, the material structure is delicate and soft and smooth, and the texture is soft or moderate. The bark is also more flexible and beautiful.

3. The birch is good processing performance, smooth cut surface, good paint and glue performance.


Production and processing of wooden cutlery

This is Shucheng County Ancheng Bamboo and Wood Handicraft Factory in Anhui Province, which specializes in producing disposable bamboo and wood products. We have more than ten years experience in producing and exporting bamboo and wood products.

1. Raw materials

From the selection of raw wood to storage.

2. Preparation

Cutting wood with a cutting machine.

3. Peel

Use a machine to remove the bark from the surface.

4. Processing

The next step is to machine the bark in rolls.

5. Pressing

They are pressed into the shape of the corresponding knife, fork and spoon by a pressing machine.

6. Dry

Wet wood needs to be dried in a dryer machine.

7. Grind

By constantly grinding, the edges of the cutlery are smoothed, which is convenient for use.


After a series of processes, the semi-finished products are selected, collected and bagged.

After the high-temperature molding of the machine, it shows the final shape. Each batch will have a quality inspection to ensure the quality of the product.

The workers package the tableware according to the requirements of each customer. We can accept all kinds of customized packaging.

Final packing, carton sealing by special sealing machine. Waiting for the final shipment.


Surface treatment of wooden cutlery

Surface treatment of plain surface

Roller polishing

Choose the best


wax coated wooden cutlery

In addition, wooden cutlery with wax coating can be made, using food grade wax.


In the process of making cutlery, it will not harm the natural environment, and the finished product is completely natural. The whole process does not use any chemical materials, only wood. Therefore, the disposable wooden cutlery will remain in the natural environment after being discarded, and it will be naturally decomposed in only a period of time and become natural nutrients.




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