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NRA Show

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Exhibition: NRA Show  Time: 18th - 21st, May 2019 Booth number: 1985 Place:Chicago Main products: Disposable bamboo wood cutlery,  stirrers, skewers, plates, food picks, cones, boats and  so on. The Chicago International Hotel Supplies and  Catering Show (The NRA Show) is the largest  hotel and catering industry exhibition in North  America. Has a long history of 86 years. The exhibition was  initiated, hosted and managed by the Restaurant  Association established in 1919. American  Restaurant Association in American Restaurants The industry occupies a leading position, with  sales reaching 47.6 billion U.S. dollars, providing  employment opportunities for 12.2 million  laborers, and becoming the US economy and  employment And the cornerstone of social services. The  restaurant associations of 50 continents and more  than 7,100 hotels belong to its members. The  exhibition features Many hotels in the United States are global chain  groups and have strong purchasing power. In recent years, all exhibition visitors have been  looking for new types of food and beverages to  meet the growing consumer demand. 

Exhibition criteria: Food and beverage: specialty food and various beverages, food and beverage additives, food and beverage equipment,  etc. Catering equipment: stoves and related kitchen equipment in the hotel and catering industry, commercial  refrigerators, freezers, ice making, ice crushers, baking equipment, kitchen machinery, Dishwashers, ice cream machines, coffee machines, coffee grinders, juice machines, bar counters, food processing and  packaging equipment, desktop supplies, restaurant tables Chairs, self-service tableware, bakery products, etc. Guest room supplies: room linen, room electrical appliances, room furniture, room safe, bathroom products and  cosmetics Hotel conference supplies: audio-visual equipment, video conference and sound system, e-commerce and network  solutions; Hotel facilities and equipment: air conditioners, televisions, ventilation equipment, fire and safety systems, inventory  management systems, telecommunications systems, water treatment systems, services and equipment, decorative  accessories, sanitary equipment and supplies, spa equipment and products, vending machines, etc. Vehicles and  others: hotel greening and interior design, etc.

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