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What are the benefits of using wooden cutlery?

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The wooden cutlery is exquisitely crafted and the shape is unique. The beautiful natural texture of the logs is smooth and round, showing the perfect fusion of nature and human wisdom. The natural and simple texture is reflected by the rapid development of modern life. Only with its simple nature has it always brought the life back to the original.


  • Wooden cutlery and human health

  • Health benefits of wood

  • Environmental protection

Wooden cutlery and human health

Wood gives people a feeling of natural affinity, which cannot be replaced by any kind of materials. Foreign countries believe that: wooden houses are the most suitable for human habitation. After returning from space, astronauts need to go to a wooden mansion or nursing home to recover their physical fitness.


The Pythoncidere released by wood can kill bacteria in the air, curb human diseases, enhance immunity, restore consciousness to the human body, improve memory, lower blood pressure, stabilize the human autonomic nerves and make people feel comfortable.

And the wood is rich in unique aroma, providing a variety of health benefits for human health. Wood is a good shielding material for radon radiation. Most Japanese elementary and middle school classrooms use solid wood flooring to protect the health of young people.

The use of wooden cutlery can make people feel warm, natural, peaceful and comfortable.


Health benefits of wood

Visual effect: The wood texture is beautiful, the color is diverse, and it can effectively absorb the ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the human eye, therefore, it makes people visually comfortable and healthy.


Tactile effect: When people are in contact with wood, the temperature in four seasons is similar. When using wooden cutlery, it gives a good sense of touch.


Olfactory effect: A variety of wood often emits a special and pleasant aroma, known as "pytoncides". After testing, some of these gases can sterilize and kill insects, and some can inspire spirit, and some can Calms nerves and produces health benefits for human health.


Environmental protection

Disposable wooden cutlery has gradually replaced disposable plastic cutlery. When considering disposable cutlery, disposable wooden cutlery is a good choice. For example, bamboo disposable cutlery, is everywhere in our lives. Bamboo is much less expensive than many other wood materials and production costs. It looks more environmentally friendly because it grows in the soil.

One of the main benefits of bamboo disposable cutlery is that it is light and convenient, 100% biodegradable, and will not pollute the environment. Compared with plastics, plastics can take hundreds or even thousands of years to break down in some cases. When throwing garbage, bamboo disposable cutlery needs to be placed on a compost pile rather than in a landfill.


Bamboo grows quickly, with a typical speed of 2 feet (0.6 meters) per day. This allows a large amount of bamboo disposable cutlery materials to be provided by a small bamboo farm. This type of bamboo disposable cutlery is also more durable than many disposable products and can be composted after a period of time.




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