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What are the characteristics of disposable wooden plates?

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Many people have the habit of using disposable tableware, and wooden disposable plates are one of the common ones. What are the characteristics of wooden disposable plates? Will the use of disposable wooden plates have an impact on health?


The history of disposable wooden plates

What are the features of disposable wooden plates?

Are disposable wooden plates bad for you?


The history of disposable wooden plates

The first disposable plates were produced in Lucenwald by the master bookmaker Henschel at the end of the 19th century. The reason is the medical analysis of the way food is packaged hygienically. According to Wikipedia, Samuel J. Crumbine, an American health officer from Kansas, began campaigning in 1908 with the aim of eliminating public drinking and eating utensils, which could cause illness from public use. spread. The Americans Lawrence Luellen and Hugh Moore took this as an opportunity to invent a simple and lightweight paper cup as a uniquely used water cup, which was still conical at the time.


What are the features of disposable wooden plates?

1. Wooden plates provide an excellent choice for any type of event you might encounter. From casual gatherings, weddings to outdoor catering events, wood panels are perfect for use. These boards are completely durable, can be used continuously throughout the event, and can be thrown away with minimal impact on the environment.

2. If you are having a wedding or other type of large-scale event and want to use disposable plates, please consider placing wooden plates on plastic or paper plates. Paper plates are usually not strong enough, and it is difficult to find paper plates that match your activity layout. Plastic boards are bad for the environment because they will eventually landfill for hundreds of years. Wooden plates are the perfect choice because they add a unique decorative element to your event. Wooden plates are also compostable and biodegradable. This means you can throw them away without worrying about their environmental impact.

3. Decoration is very important when holding a dinner or other event. disposable plates provide decorative base settings, which can be used to sit other tableware. These plates are decorative and are not meant to be in contact with food. wooden disposable plates will provide an elegant way to serve multi-course meals. There are many types of disposable plates, and wooden disposable plates are an excellent alternative to plastic and other materials.

4. Wooden disposable plates will fix the table, create an atmosphere and be beautiful. In addition, these wooden plates will help prevent the dining table from getting dirty during dinner. These plates will capture all the spilled food, and they can also help your dinner plate put the heat directly under the bowls and plates that it holds, thereby maintaining heat.

5. Wooden disposable plates can also be used as platters or trays for small appetizers or desserts. Make sure that your wooden disposable plates can safely touch food. You can also simply place linen napkins or tablecloths on wooden disposable plates to hold food. You can also use disposable plates for candles, flowers or other decorations and use them as the core of the table. When using wooden disposable plates, just throw them away after dinner.


Are disposable wooden plates bad for you?

Dr. Dean Cliver, a professor of food safety at the University of California, conducted a study comparing the bacterial content on wooden and plastic cutting boards. This and other studies have found that wood actually retains fewer bacteria than plastic. It has also been proven that wood is naturally antibacterial, they are natural, calming, eco-friendly, clean, healthy and durable.


Wooden disposable plates are more fashionable than paper or plastic disposable plates and are more environmentally friendly. If you are looking for high-quality disposable wooden plates that are reasonably priced, safe and hygienic, Shucheng Ancheng Bamboo&Wood Factory will provide you with the best products.





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