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What are the characteristics of wooden coffee stirrer?

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Coffee is not only delicious, but also refreshes the mind. It is a necessity for many office workers. Every time they order coffee, the clerk will give them a wooden coffee stirring stick. So what is the feature of the wooden coffee stirrer?


Shape design of wooden coffee stirrer

The color of the wooden coffee stirrer

Function of wooden coffee stirrer


Shape design of wooden coffee stirrer

The coffee stirrer is basically a small wooden or plastic stick used for stirring and hot drinks such as tea, coffee or milk.On the other hand, large wooden sticks made of plastic or wood; Used to stir cocktails and soft drinks. Sometimes a coffee stirrer is called a blender. By using a wooden coffee stirrer, you can ultimately help protect the environment from plastic pollution. High quality wooden coffee agitators are made using an exquisite process that results in a clean and free of chips and lumps of wood, with a smooth surface and smooth end for better stirring or mixing. Perfect for stirring any beverage; Warm coffee, tea or gums. Unlike ordinary plastic mixers, bamboo and birch are highly biodegradable and free of chemicals. They are sturdier, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Once they're used for coffee, they can be put in the trash and used up. The coffee mixer is made entirely from natural bamboo and is 100% safe for both cold and hot drinks.


The color of the wooden coffee stirrer

Wooden coffee mixers come in a variety of styles and colors, from reusable to disposable. Reusable coffee stirrups are generally spoon-like and can be used just like a spoon. Disposable mixing sticks are made of wood or plastic and come in a variety of shapes. But we usually have one round end and one square end. The round end is designed to touch the bottom of the cup more easily, which will help the coffee powder or sugar dissolve better, so the round end should be put into the coffee. And the other end is usually a square, to make it easier for the fingers to squeeze, so the hand is holding the square end. If both ends are round and flat, which end to stir is ok at this time, mainly to see everyone's preferences, and the general people are the first hand to hold which end, they will use the other end has not been held by the hand to stir.


Function of wooden coffee stirrer

Drinking coffee is many people's favorite pastime. Some people wish they could spend more time tasting the best cappuccinos and coffees, while at some restaurants, coffee corners or even daydreaming at the office or home. Many things make a cup of coffee delicious and tempting. Not just the recipe, but the cups, the coffee mixer and the aroma all work together to create some kind of visual and sensory appeal. All of this plays an important role when people drink coffee.


If you're a restaurateur or coffee shop owner, have you ever wondered why some people like to flock to certain stores, even when others offer the same flavor and recipe? They don't add any extra coffee. This is because these restaurant and coffee shop owners know what customers need for a cup of coffee. They provide the best service, including the best coffee stirrers and other byproducts such as cream, sugar and cup holders. The coffee mixer plays an important role in making coffee. Without it, consumers would waste spoons and other appliances to stir and mix sugar and cream in coffee.


In order to attract more coffee drinking customers, you must be equipped with attractive wooden coffee stirrer.If you are looking for high-quality wooden coffee stirrer that are reasonably priced, safe and hygienic, Shucheng Ancheng Bamboo&Wood Factory will provide you with the best products.




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