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What are the characteristics of wooden cutlery?

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With the rapid economic development, it is often accompanied by increasingly serious environmental problems. The excessive consumption of resources and energy and its serious threat to human survival have caused the current world to set off a green wave with the protection of the ecological environment as the core. Green packaging is an important part of this wave. Green packaging refers to appropriate packaging that can be recycled, recycled or degraded naturally, and does not cause harm to the human body and the environment during the entire production cycle of the product. In this context, the fast and convenient non-degradable disposable foam cultery that was once popular has been listed as a product to be eliminated within a time limit by the relevant state departments. Disposable wooden cutlery has become a good substitute.


This article contains the following:

· What are the wooden cutlery 

· Wooden cutlery characteristics 


What are the wooden cutlery 

People take food as their heaven, and food-related cultery will certainly not be treated indifferently. Compared with the heaviness of ceramic cultery and the gorgeousness of metal cultery, many people prefer plain wooden cutlery. But since we haven't been in contact for a long time, our impression of it seems to be nothing but petty bourgeoisie. In fact, disposable wooden cutlery can be both portable and environmentally friendly. The developed countries in the world put forward "3R1D" for the development of green packaging, namely Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Degradable. Therefore, green packaging actually refers to the greening of packaging materials. The wooden cutlery we produce is made of birch, FSC certified, biodegradable compost, completely pollution-free to the environment, and also realize the recycling cycle of resources.


Wooden cutlery characteristics 

The main characteristics of disposable wooden cutlery are cheap, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, light, and it is also the first choice for plastic cutlery. It belongs to pure natural wood products.The "small and fresh" rustic style of wooden cutlery can add a different atmosphere to the meal. The disposable wooden cutlery on the market is of unpainted type. This is more natural to use.  It is recommended to put wooden cutlery in a ventilated and dry place.

In cities, we use more stainless steel, ceramic, and plastic cultery every day. These cultery are very beautiful and delicate. However, wooden cutlery is simple and soft, without the coldness of metal cultery, the brittleness of ceramics and the non-degradability of plastics. Using wooden cutlery, you can feel the comfort and warmth brought by wooden cutlery.




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