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Moscow Trip

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Moscow trip

The past July was an exciting month, the FIFA 2018 was hold in Russia, and our general manager Mr. Sven and sales manager Mr. Tim has take this chance to watch this battle and meet some of our clients too.

bamboo skewer

knot skewer

During the period in Russia, we have watched the battle between Switzerland and Sweden. It is very Intense competition. And then Mr. Sven has met our clients, who has cooperate with us for years. The cooperation between eco products has made us to pay more attention to the healthy life, to use the bamboo and wood tableware instead of plastic one, to save more animals and helping our people to protect the earth.

In the past years, we supplied thousands of cartons bamboo skewers, picks, chopsticks, toothpicks, cutlery, straws and other disposable tableware which was made of natural bamboo and wood material. The bamboo wood tableware, such as bamboo knot skewers, paddle skewers, bead picks, wooden cutlery, bamboo straws and plates are most popular one in the world, we are hoping to make these bamboo wood items to replace the plastic disposables. And this is what we are doing now!

The best products and best service was the most attractive thing that why clients choose us to be their stable partner. 

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