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Our Brand Ancheng Logo Changed

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With the continuous development and growth of the company, we have ushered in the upgrade of the brand image, and also replaced a brand new logo eco-ancheng. The replacement of the logo also marks that we have moved to a more professional stage.


Our company Shucheng Ancheng Bamboo&Wood Factory is a China professional manufacturer that produces disposable bamboo and wood tableware. "Environmental protection, recycling, health and nature" are our cultural concepts.

Our products mainly include disposable wooden cutlery, wooden coffee stirrer, disposable wood and bamboo plates, knotted bamboo skewer, bamboo bead picks, bamboo teppo skewer, flat bamboo skewer, bamboo fruit forks, bamboo forks, bamboo tongs, sushi mat, bamboo chopsticks, bamboo steamer, toothpicks,etc.

The source materials of our products are mainly from ecological forest farms, from birch, poplar and bamboo. When designing, we took birch leaves as the source shape, and processed each letter into leaves, so that the pen end was deformed and presented a leaf shape. By integrating the figurative structure of tableware, the letters were more recognizable as products, and the brand was visualized and intuitive.

If you have any interest in our disposable wood and bamboo tableware, please contact us freely. Our email: info@anchenggy.com

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