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What is Disposable Bamboo Cutlery?

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When we choose knives, forks and spoons, bamboo cutlery is the recommended choice, and it is also the better choice. It is non-toxic, harmless, environmentally friendly, and will not deform when exposed to high temperatures. Bamboo can grow rapidly, will not pollute the atmosphere, and compost comparatively faster. Disposable cutlery made of birch wood are also environmentally friendly and highly safe cutlery.



Although plastic tableware is very convenient to use, it also pollutes the environment very seriously, especially disposable cutlery, which is thrown away after using it once. Not only can it not be reused, but also cannot be industrially degraded. Plastic cutlery may It takes hundreds of years to completely degrade, and the pollution to the environment is immeasurable.

Bamboo tableware products are made from the part of the plant called the sheath. This is the protective outer layer of the bamboo stalks that grow in the seedlings. Once the plant reaches a certain point of maturity, the sheath will fall off. After collecting the sheath, clean it and boil it. Next, the sheath is laminated to the thickness required for the desired product. The sheath is then pressed and glued into the desired shape.

Bamboo is an excellent material for making various other food and beverage products. In terms of disposable tableware products, our product serving boats and tasting cones are ideal for serving bite-sized appetizers and desserts. Our bamboo utensils are not easy to break, break and chip. For coffee and tea, provide your customers with our bamboo coffee sticks.

Finding the right tableware to meet your business' needs is very important for your customer satisfaction and your business success. Our company Ancheng produces disposable bamboo cutlery, wooden spoons, wooden forks, wooden knives, all specifications can be made. It can also be customized according to customer needs. Good quality and low price. Welcome to negotiate with us!




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