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What was bamboo picks?

Views: 5     Author: Aaron Zhang     Publish Time: 2018-05-30      Origin: Ancheng


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With the development of our society, the eco and biodegradable products are more and more popular in the world, and our factory Ancheng has specialized in this area for 20 years. Our main products are bamboo skewers, cocktail picks, toothpicks, chopsticks, cutlery, plates, coffee stirrer and steamer.

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The bamboo skewers and picks are made of natural bamboo material and without any chemical ingredient.As we all known that the bamboo has the fastest speed in growing up. And in it's growing season, the speed can up to be 1-4 centimeters per hour.

With 20 years experiences in this area, we have been proud to introduced ourselves as the competitive and trusted supplier of bamboo skewers and disposable bamboo wood tableware.

And now, we are planning to expand our market and looking for long-term partner to grow up together.

To know more information about our factory or our products, please contact Aaron:

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Mail: info@anchenggy.com




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