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The origin of BBQ skewer

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Bamboo barbecue skewers used in many household activities. Do you know the origin of BBQ skewer? What are the advantages and USES of bamboo barbecue skewers?


How are BBQ skewers made?

The history of BBQ skewers

What are BBQ skewers used for?


How are BBQ skewers made?

1.Raw material acceptance

2.Raw material storage

3.Cutting machine cutting

4.Wire drawing machining


6.Enter the drying room for drying treatment

7.Moisture test

8.Acceptance pass

9.Packaging workshop for outer packaging

The history of BBQ skewers

Ever since our ancestors discovered how to tame fire, they have enriched their diets with a variety of new foods. When one of the earliest recipes for meat was to roast it over a flame, our ancestors discovered that the easiest way to prepare meat was to skewer it on a long piece of wood. The first string of inventions represents only the beginning of this popular eating device. Easy to create, maintain, and use make it one of the most popular cookware on open fires, and it has been in regular use by all civilizations and nations since dawn. The tradition of using BBQ skewers has been recorded in the history of many regions. Japan has a long history of cooking and barbecuing meat with charcoal, while Hawaii conflicts with many Pacific traditions that require roasting almost everything over fire - from meat to fruit and pineapples.


What are BBQ skewers used for?

Bamboo skewers cut costs and allowed for a huge supply of barbecue food without the need to buy lots of reusable metal skewers. bamboo barbecue skewers are biodegradable, eliminating the cleanup process without adding to landfill problems. Sustainable environmental practices include replacing plastic disposable tableware with bamboo equivalents.

Knotted bamboo skewers, flat bamboo skewers and long bamboo BBQ skewers are available for dining and home use. They are perfect for making snacks, kebabs, appetizers and even cocktails. Use bamboo strings to hold decorations in place. You should also try to use bamboo skewers to hold sandwiches and mini-burgers in place so they look great and don't lose any polish. We can also use BBQ skewers to make meat skewers, fruit skewers, salad skewers, etc.

Bamboo barbecue skewers are not only versatile but also environmentally friendly, if you are looking for high-quality BBQ skewers that are reasonably priced, safe and hygienic, Shucheng Ancheng Bamboo&Wood Factory will provide you with the best products. 




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