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The origin of disposable wooden plates

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We use plates every day, and it has been a long time since simple ceramic plates became modern disposable wooden platesas we know them today. But have you ever sat down and thought about where your disposable wooden plate came from? What are the advantages of disposable wooden plates?


How were disposable wooden plates invented?

What are the advantages of disposable wooden plates?

How should I store disposable wooden plates?


How were disposable wooden plates invented?

It is believed that the first plates used were large leaves, gourd halves, or shells, which could be used as simple bowls for food. The food will be placed on large leaves or other containers in the center of the dining area and then eaten by all members of the tribe, family or group. People discovered the use of clay early on and made their own simple bowls, cups, water POTS and storage tanks. Examples of these early people making crockery can be seen in museums around the world.


The idea of individuals having their own plates to eat from is quite new. In the Middle Ages, those who could afford it bought tin plates. However, the lead used to make tin can leach out, especially when high acid foods are placed on it, leading to lead poisoning. One food that contributes to this condition is the humble tomato in particular, so tomatoes are believed to be poisonous. As time went on, the plates became more and more complex. They changed from pottery to tin and other metals. With the development of technology, plates are made of the best China and porcelain. Today, you can eat on the best China or a convenient disposable wooden plate.


What are the advantages of disposable wooden plates?

Wooden tableware is a natural product made from a rich renewable resource (wood) and can be 100% composted. Bamboo tableware made from fast-growing, rapidly replenished bamboo trees is very environmentally friendly. Wooden tableware is a safe and superior choice. Wooden tableware can also be constructed from any type of hardwood, such as birch and maple. If you have guests over or a party, you may use a lot of plates and cutlery. Use paper plates and wooden cutlery. These products are as useful as traditional plastic sheets and tableware, but they are more environmentally friendly. Tableware and tableware made from biodegradable materials are more environmentally friendly because they don't leave toxic chemicals or residues. In addition, these products degrade over time, releasing earth-friendly nutrients back into the soil.


How should I store disposable wooden plates?

Wash your hands with hot water and a mild dishwashing liquid. Although it's technically possible to clean wooden dishes and cutting boards in your dishwasher, it's not a good idea. The higher water temperature in the dishwasher can dry them out and cause the wood to break. Simple hand washing is best for wooden objects. Soak up freshly washed wooden utensils with a clean rag, then air dry them thoroughly before discarding them.

Foods high in pigment, such as tomato sauce or berries, can stain wooden cutlery and cutting boards. If soiled, they are still safe to use, and the stain will eventually disappear. Wooden objects absorb strong smells, such as garlic or oil, and transfer those smells and flavors to other foods. To reduce the smell, wipe the wooden surface with lemon slices cut in half or a paste made with baking soda and water. This will help to eliminate the smell. If this is too much trouble, keep a separate cutting board and/or vessel to store more flavorful foods to avoid flavour transfer.


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