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What are the precautions for using disposable wooden plates?

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Disposable wooden plate because of the convenience of cheap characteristics, so how to use the correct disposable wooden plate? Is it safe to use disposable wooden dishes to serve food?


How to use disposable wooden dishes correctly?

What is special about disposable wooden plates?

Is it safe to use disposable wooden dishes to serve food?


How to use disposable wooden dishes correctly?

Always remember that liquids are the greatest enemy of wooden bowls. That said, a quick rinse with warm water and dishwashing liquid is the best way to clean such a bowl. Make sure to use the sponge's soft surface instead of the abrasive surface, as this will scratch and remove any surface that already exists on the bowl. To dry, or better yet, dry with a towel, as this will remove moisture from the surface more quickly.


Heat is another enemy of wooden plates or utensils, as rising temperatures cause grain to warp and split. Do not put the bowl in the microwave or dishwasher. It's best to wash your hands. If you need to heat food in a bowl, please heat it separately and then put it into a wooden bowl. However, liquid foods such as soups should not be placed in wooden bowls. Another enemy of wooden plates is direct sunlight. This causes the bowl to age prematurely, causing the natural oils to fade and dry. Store the bowl in a cool place in the kitchen to ensure its service life.


What is special about disposable wooden plates?

1.As disposable wooden plates are usually disposable cutlery, a high standard of hygiene can be ensured. This is especially important in hospitals or foods that are at high risk of contamination.

2.Wooden plates are much lighter than standard silver and can be carried in large quantities. Imagine a food festival where thousands of people gather, and it's difficult for the catering staff to transport large quantities of cutlery, so disposable cutlery comes in handy.

3.Companies spend a lot of money on replacing cutlery every year because disposable cutlery is easy to lose. In fact, standard stainless steel cutlery is quite expensive, in comparison, disposable cutlery for the price of 1/10! So if the company needs to buy a lot of cutlery to replace lost cutlery, or needs to attend a specific event for many guests, it's not surprising that it's cheap to use once.

4.Suppose you're organizing a buffet and realize that you don't have enough silverware before the party starts, what would you do? Seems to have gone to the nearest shop to buy cutlery. They're more likely to sell disposable wooden plates, so you'll grab it. Believe it or not, this is what happens when many of us are in a hurry.

5.The price is much lower, as we would expect, so there are fewer worries about using disposable cutlery. For example, if you go on a picnic with your family, you don't always have to be careful with cutlery.


Is it safe to use disposable wooden dishes to serve food?

Many people like the rustic style of disposable wooden plates. They are completely hygienic and wood is a good insulator, so it helps keep food warm. disposable wooden plates are more durable, and wood is biodegradable and renewable. As long as it is well maintained, there is no reason to avoid using wooden boards to serve certain types of food. Deep and long wear requires replacement, just as a broken, cracked or soiled plate needs to be replaced. As long as disposable wooden plates are properly cleaned, food can be served as safely as on any other plate.


Disposable wooden plates are environmentally friendly and safe, but also very convenient.If you are looking for high-quality disposable wooden plates that are reasonably priced, safe and hygienic, Shucheng Ancheng Bamboo&Wood Factory will provide you with the best products.




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