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Ancheng Selling Season

Views: 48     Author: Aaron Zhang     Publish Time: 2018-09-07      Origin: Ancheng

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Ancheng Selling Season

   The Chinese old saying says, Autumn was the harvest season. Thake this chance, we have held a party to celebrate it and welcome the peak selling season of 2018.   Take this chance, we strength our relationship and relax ourselves by buried in working and manufacturing the bamboo wood disposable tableware.     In the past August, our factory Ancheng has passed the BRC inspection, thanks for the hard working of our people and the support of everyone. We are always trying best to provide the best products and service for clients. We always believe that the one thing which can be strength our relationship with clients was not only the quality of goods, but also the service the supplier provide.    The passing of BRC inspection has made a nice beginning of the selling season, and in the past months, our bamboo knot skewers, bamboo picks, toothpicks, bamboo straws, wooden cutlery, plates, cups, boats, and tongs are popular in the world, the bio disposable and eco products will act a leading role of disposable products line.    The harvest season will never end, course our selling season will last whenever our clients needs our help.    Best service and best products can make a big success, we always believe that!    Thanks for reading!    Aaron




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