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What are advantages of disposable wooden plates?

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When most people think of disposable tableware, they think of plastic products, but as we all know, there are many kinds of disposable tableware. Especially disposable wooden plates are a good solution adopted by many restaurants.



Use disposable wooden plates to save time and money

If you have a restaurant, bar, catering or any other business related to the hotel industry, using disposable tableware is a good way to save staff time and costs.


Provide original and beautiful design for your restaurant

One of the major advantages provided by disposable wooden plates is that they are distinctive, original and attractive. When we see a plate of food, the packaging and display first attract our attention. Modern people use disposable kitchen utensils and tableware, in addition to pursuing practicality, they also attach great importance to texture and appearance. Among several materials, wood products can be said to be the most popular material. Used to serve food can also greatly enhance the cooking vision.


Disposable wooden plates are the most used in vegetarian restaurants and environmentally friendly restaurants, and more and more ordinary restaurants are also beginning to use them. They are very popular.


Use disposable plates to help the environment

The advantage of disposable wooden plates is that they are made of natural wood and are biodegradable. This means that in nature, they can only be decomposed with the help of biological agents such as sunlight, water, animals and plants. This makes waste management more effective and does not harm our environment.


In addition, we want to emphasize that although they are disposable, because of their high quality, they can be washed and reused more times if needed.


Disposable Wooden tableware is safe for the environment and is a very sufficient substitute for plastics used in food preparation and consumption. When used as disposable tableware, wooden tableware is even better.


There is no doubt that this kind of disposable tableware is the future of the hotel and catering industry. Our philosophy is changing little by little. More and more new generations want to protect our environment.


Disposable wooden dinner plates are made of high-quality wood, such as birch, poplar, and pine. They have a more refined appearance, suitable for any green environmental protection activities or formal gatherings. They are also best suited to match elegant wooden tableware and will definitely complement your tableware. These dinner plates also come in different shapes and sizes.


All our Ancheng disposable wood plates are eco-friendly and are made from sustainable materials. You can visit anchengfoodservice.com to see all of the available plate sizes and designs or send your inquiry by email info@anchenggy.com directly. If you have a business such as a hotel or catering, do not hesitate to contact us, we do wholesale business.




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